East Elmwood Community Centre

Rental Rates 2023

*$500 deposit required at time of booking for all socials and weddings.
 * Please note 3% service fee for all debit and credit transactions.

SOCIALS (Serving alcohol)    8:00pm – 1:00am                   

 Gym & MPR

 (Max 300 Persons)                                       $1,600 plus GST 

         Damage Deposit: $300.00 

         Set up starts @ 6:00pm

                                                                                             Event: 8:00pm -1:00am
                        WEDDINGS (Serving alcohol) 6:00pm – 1:00am

Gym and MPR

(max. 300 Persons)                                     $2,150 plus GST 

       Damage Deposit $350

        Set up starts @ 4:00p.m.

                    Event: 6:00p.m. -1:00a.m.

Weddings (No Alcohol)   6:00pm – Midnight

Gym and MPR

(max. 300 Persons)                                     $1000 plus GST

       Damage deposit $300

                                   Set up starts @ 4:00pm.

                                                               Event 6:00pm – Midnight.

Social & Wedding Rentals(with Alcohol) Include:         

1. Two (2) bartenders, One (1) Monitor/Supervisor & Security Personnel 

2. Set up and take down (tables & chairs)

Your Responsibilities include:
1. Cleaning kitchen at the end of function
2. Removing all decorations & Tape on walls.
3. Clearing tables & Empty cups into bucket

4. Removing  all liquor and empties from the building.  All garbage/Recycling to the bins located outside.

*Damage Deposit refunded within 14 days of the event provided there is no damage, no extra cleaning required (bodily fluids, tape on walls/floor, confetti), event ends on time and hall is cleared of personal belongings, all garbage & Recycling placed into the blue bins outside.